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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get a horse or pony measured?
A: Complete a Measurement Application Form and pay for the measurement, book an appointment with an Official Measurer and take the animal to be measured.  For further details click here

Q: What is the difference between an Annual and a Full Measurement?
A: Annual Measurements are carried out on 4,5 and 6 year old animals and animals over 7 years old who are having their first measurement.  Full Measurements are done on all animals 7 years old or more that have had at least one Annual Measurement in a previous year.  For further details click here

Q: How long does an Annual Measurement last?
A: All Annual Measurements expire on 31st December in the year of the measurement. To continue competing another Annual (for animals under 7 yo) or a Full (for animal's 7 yo or more) Measurement will be required. For further details click here

Q: What is a Gold Measurement?
A: A Gold Measurement is the same as a Full Measurement except that animals with a Gold Measurement cannot be Re-measured except by order of the JMB Stewards and no previous Annual Measurement is required.  A Gold Measurement is carried out by two Official Measurers in the presence of a JMB Steward or Official.  For details click here

Q: Has my horse or pony been measured before?
A: You can search the Measurement Database here

Q: How can I find an Official Measurer?
A: The Panel of Official Measurers is listed here

Q: Can I use any Official Measurer?
A: You cannot use the same Official Measurer for consecutive measurements and for Full Measurements the Official Measurer must also be from a different practice. For further details click here

Q: What happens after a measurement, do I get a certificate?
A: The Official Measurer submits a measurement form online and the database is updated with the details. We aim to update the online database search facility within 3 working days of receiving the form. From 1st January 2017 we do not issue or update certificates and all existing certificates are obsolete.

Q: How do societies and shows know my horse has been measured?
A: They can refer to our website or you can email or post them a screenshot of the online database entry. Some societies have incorporated how they want to be notified in their rules so if in doubt check with the relevant body. We do not inform anybody routinely.

Q: Can I give my animal a "calmer" or a tranquiliser before it is measured?
A: No. The animal must not be under the influence of any Prohibited Substance and nothing other than normal food and water can be given on the day of a measurement. For further details click here.

Q: What do I do if I am not happy with the result of a measurement?
A: The JMB recognises two types of problems with a measurement.

"Animal/owner" problems include improper preparation or handling of the animal (not taught to stand properly and relax, or hooves not pared in accordance with the rules or not in the physical state required by the rules or it has or is suspected to have been given a prohibited substance).  If the measurer finds this type of problem he/she is required to abandon the measurement until the animal can be presented in accordance with the rules.  The measurer is entitled to charge the owner for his/her time.

 "Measurer" problems include a measuring environment not conducive to obtaining the truly minimum relaxed height (eg noise, commotion, smell or other stimuli).  The measurement should be abandoned and rearranged.  The owner will pay no further fee and the measurer will not be paid by the JMB until the measurement is completed.

It is essential that in either type of problem the issue is resolved at the time of the measurement.  If you are not happy at a later date the first thing to do is contact the measurer and try to resolve the problem before you contact the JMB.

If the result of a measurement is not what you expected (eg the animal measured "out") but the measurement was totally in accordance with the rules the only recourse the owner has is to apply for a Re-measurement.  There is a formal procedure for this. Details are here