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41. Definition

The Rules of The Joint Measurement Board provide for a re-measurement procedure. This procedure is in the form of a Re-measurement performed by two Referees in the presence of a Steward or other official appointed by the Stewards of The Joint Measurement Board Ltd.


42. Reasons for Re-Measurement

1. Re-Measurement of an animal may be arranged:-

(i) As the result of an objection by a competitor, exhibitor or a Show Executive made against an animal that has had a Full Measure or an adult animal (aged seven or over) having had an Annual Measurement (Rule 43 and 44).

(ii) At the owner’s request to The Joint Measurement Board Limited if the animal has had an Annual or Full Measurement.

(iii) At one of the Member Society’s request at their absolute discretion to The Joint Measurement Board Limited if the animal has had an Annual or Full Measurement.

(iv) On the instructions of the Stewards of The Joint Measurement Board Limited who can require a re-measurement of any animal that has had any type of Measurement at their absolute discretion.


(i) Animals of any age that have had an Annual or a Full Measurement can be re-measured under rules 42.1.(ii), (iii) and (iv).

(ii) Animals of any age that have had a Gold Measurement can be re-measured under rule 42.1.(iv).


43. Objection - Persons allowed to Object

1. An objection against a Measurement under Rule 42.1.(i) may only be made by:

(i). An adult exhibitor or competitor who has an animal competing in the same class at a show or the same pony race. In the event of the exhibitor or competitor being a minor, the objection may be made by their accredited representative. The identity of an objector, the date of the event and the class or race will not be disclosed.

(ii) The Chairman or Secretary on behalf of the Show Executive.

(iii) The Judge(s) of a class in which an animal is competing through the Show Secretary.

44. Objection and Re-Measurement - Reporting

1. When an objection is made under Rule 42.1.(i), against an animal the Objector must inform The Joint Measurement Board Limited of the Objection by First Class Letter or email within 21 days of the class or race. Details of the animal’s name, the class or race and show or race meeting involved and the name and address of its owner must be included together with the fee (Rule 26.5) and documentary evidence that this animal and the Objector's animal were in the class or race must be enclosed.

2. Requests for re-measuring under Rule 42.1. (ii) and (iii) must be made by letter. In (ii) the request must be accompanied by the appropriate fee (Rule 26.4). In (iii) the fee will be agreed between the Society and the Stewards.

3. The Secretary will initiate the re-measurement procedure on receipt of the fee and relevant information.

45. Re-measurement -arrangements

1. The Joint Measurement Board Limited will inform the owner that an Objection has been raised and/or a re-measurement is required and will arrange for the re-measurement to take place at the earliest possible date. The Senior Referee or the Secretariat will arrange the appointment with the owner and will notify the Junior Referee and Steward or Official, who will attend, and The Joint Measurement Board Limited, who will notify, if applicable, the objector or the Member Society of the time and place of re-measurement.

2. The owner of the animal is obliged to arrange for it to be presented for re-measurement if so requested by The Joint Measurement Board Limited. The Board will require the full co-operation of the owner or agent to avoid any delay.

3. The re-measurement must take place within 20 working days of the date of The Joint Measurement Board Limited informing the owner or notifying the owner that a re-measurement is required. After that period of time the current height Measurement or certificate will become invalid unless the Stewards in their absolute discretion decide otherwise. After 20 working days animals cannot be presented for re-measurement except in very exceptional circumstances and only at the discretion of the Stewards after discussion at the next Board Meeting.

4. Providing The Joint Measurement Board Limited has informed the owner in writing that the re-measurement is requested or the animal’s name appears on The Joint Measurement Board Limited’s website in accordance with these rules then that measurement must take place unless the request or objection is withdrawn by the Stewards or body making it. If a re-measurement is arranged and the appointment is cancelled or postponed for any reason by the owner of the animal, their agent or authorised representative a minimum fee of £100.00 will be made.

5. For the avoidance of doubt informing the owner or notification of the owner will be deemed to have occurred if the owner, the last known owner, the owner’s authorised representative, the owner’s agent, the last known owner’s agent or producer has been informed or notified in writing by letter sent to their last known address or email sent to their last known email address or the animal’s name has appeared on The Joint Measurement Board Limited’s website.


46. Preparation and Venue for Re-measurement

Rule 34 applies. The Senior Referee or Secretary will arrange for a registered pad to be made available.


47. Re-measurement procedure

Relevant parts of Rule 35 apply.

48. Re-measurement – persons present

Besides the Referees and the Steward or Official only the owner or his representative, a horse handler, the objector or his representative and an official from the Member Society may be present at the re-measurement and NO OTHERS. In no circumstances whatsoever will the re-measurement be delayed due to the absence of the objecting party or official from the Member Society. The role of the objector is for the purpose of identifying the animal only. The Referees may, at their discretion, and for the purpose of the re- measurement, require that all, except the horse handler and the Steward or Official, leave the area while the re-measurement is being carried out.


49. Re-measurement – person responsible

The Steward or Official must be present and is responsible for ensuring that the re-measurement procedure is adhered to. The Steward or Official will make a report on the re-measurement in writing to The Joint Measurement Board Limited.

50. Re-measurement - sampling for prohibited substances

 A body fluid sample will be taken for testing. When a blood sample is taken this must be taken after the final measurement has been recorded. If this course of action is taken and tests show that a Prohibited Substance (see Appendix 3) has been administered or that the sample contains an abnormal amount of any of its constituents the case will be referred to the Member Society with which the animal is registered for action to be taken. The Measurement will be declared invalid. The owner is responsible for the total cost of the Test and additional time the Referees spend in collecting the sample.

51. Photographs and video recording

The Steward and/or the Referees may take photographs or make a video recording of any part or parts of the animal at any stage of the re-measurement.

52. Re-measurement -result

1. The decision of the Referees concerning the height of the animal shall be final and binding.

2. The Referees will send the completed measurement form as soon as possible to The Joint Measurement Board Limited together with the original height certificate, where available, and a report.

3. In the event of disagreement between the two Referees, the matter will be reported to The Joint Measurement Board Limited. The Stewards will then decide what course of action is necessary.

4. The owner must hand any previous measurement certificate to the Referees or return it to The Joint Measurement Board Limited if The Joint Measurement Board Ltd has not already requested its return and received it.

5. The online Measurement record of the animal will be updated in accordance with the Referees’ measurement if the Stewards are satisfied that the re-measurement procedure was carried out satisfactorily and the identity of the horse or pony is correct.

6. When an animal that has had an Annual Measurement is re--measured as a 4, 5 or 6 year old by Referees for whatever reason, that animal cannot be measured again under the Rules of the Board whilst that Annual Measurement remains valid (i.e., until after the following 31st December) except by order of the Stewards.

7. When an animal that has had a Full Measurement is re-measured by Referees for whatever reason that animal cannot be re-measured again under the rules of The Joint Measurement Board Limited except by order of the Stewards.

8. When an adult animal (i.e., aged seven years or over) that has had an Annual Measurement is re-measured for whatever reason, that animal will be deemed to have had a Full Measurement as a result of the re-measurement, and cannot be measured again under the Rules of the Board except by order of the Stewards.

53. Re-measurement - reporting result

The Joint Measurement Board Limited will report the result to the objector (if applicable) and the Member Society (if known). It will also appear on the Board’s web site.



Prohibited Substance means a substance which:

1. originates externally to the horse, whether or not it is endogenous to it, and,

2. is listed in any of the categories specified in the Rules of Racing published by the British Horseracing Authority and includes the metabolites of the substance and the isomers of the substance and the metabolites.

The horse or pony must not receive any substance on the day of measurement or re-measurement (whether by injection, orally or by any other method) other than normal feed and water offered by mouth until it has been measured or re-measured.

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