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Application and Payment for a Measurement

All Applications and Payments for Measurements will be online and must be done before the animals are measured. Please note any applicant should check with their potential measurer as to whether an equine can be measured being mindful of prevailing national or local rules regarding the movement of horses, accompanying persons and the advice to veterinary surgeons as to any Covid related restrictions relevant to the nature of professional work to be undertaken.

Once the animal is measured and the Official Measurer has uploaded the details we can add the measurement to the database within three working days.

You will need the animal's passport to fill in the online form with the animal's details.

It is essential that you read and understand the rules. These are all on this website, listed under the headings above.

For advice on the preparation of animals for measuring click here

To check if the animal has been measured before and has a valid measurement you can search our database. You can also check which measurer did the previous measurement to avoid using the same measurer as this is not allowed. It is useful to take a print-out or screenshot of a previous measurement to the measurement.To search the database click here

The 2021 fee for payment by credit or debit card for a measurement is £95.00.

Once the measurement has been carried out the measurement will appear on-line within three working days subject to the correct submissions by the measurer.

Existing paper certificates will not be updated and no new paper certificates will be issued.

To apply and pay for a 2021 measurement by credit or debit card click here

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