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The backbone of the JMB are the Rules. These are set by the Stewards who are appointed by various societies and organisations.

Full details can be found in the relevant section of the Rules:

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20. Request and Payment for Measurements

1. A request and payment for an Annual or Full Measurement must be made by the owner on the online form. A hardcopy or digital copy of the payment receipt must be kept by the owner. Requests for a Re-measurement or for a Gold Measurement should be made to the secretariat.

2. The owner is responsible ensuring that the animal’s name written on the form is identical to that printed in the animal’s passport by the Passport Issuer (Rule 35.1).

21. Measurement Form

Official Measurers complete an online form which they are solely responsible for completing and submitting to The Joint Measurement Board Ltd. (Rule 35.14).

22. Measurement Database

Upon receipt of the correctly completed measurement form and fee details of the measurement will be added to the JMB online Measurement database subject to the rules having been obeyed.

23. Change of Name (amendment or addition)

Any change of Name (where such changes have occurred in the animal’s passport) must be notified by the owner to the Secretary, with the appropriate fee (see rule 26.3).


24. Loss of Certificate

From 1st January 2017 all JMB Measurement Certificates are obsolete and duplicate certificates will not be issued.

25. Death of Animal

26. Fees

1. Measurement, Identification and processing an Annual or Full Measurement.

The whole fee covering this service is payable by the owner by credit card or debit card BEFORE the measurement is carried out and a hardcopy or digital copy of the receipt taken with the animal to the measurement. The Fee must be paid by credit or debit card and is £95.00 of which the JMB pays the Official Measurer £60.00 including VAT. Owners may be charged a half fee for broken appointments unless 24 hours’ notice is given and a full fee if, for any reason, except the fault of the Official Measurer, a measurement is abandoned or postponed or a microchip, where required, cannot be inserted at the time of measurement.

Refunds will not be made after the 31st December in the year of payment.

Measurements will be added to the database and become valid as soon as possible after the receipt of the Official Measurer's form (usually within 72 hours)

2. Measurement/Identification and processing of a Gold Measurement

The fee is £900.00 payable by bank transfer when the request for measurement is made

3. Change of animal’s name

To register a change, alteration or amendment, including any corrections to the name of an animal: £100.00, payable by bank transfer

4. i. Objection to a measurement. The fee is £900.00 payable by bank transfer.

ii. Requests for re-measurement by an owner. The fee is £900.00 payable by bank transfer

5. Postponement of a re-measurement: £100.00 minimum payable by bank transfer

6. Other than objections that are upheld (see 26.4 above) no refunds will be made

7. Bank transfers must be to the JMB's NatWest account: sort code 60 12 35, account number 00940445 and using the animal's name as the reference

27. Invalid measurements and certificates

A Measurement or Measurement Certificate will be declared invalid in the following circumstances:

i. Any fees associated with the measurement are unpaid or the owner of the animal concerned is in debt to the Board or a Member Society.

ii. A re-measurement is not done within 20 working days of notification to the owner (see Rule 45.3)

iii. A measurement certificate is altered or amended in any way by a person not authorised to do so by the Board (see Rule 32.4).

iv. A prohibited substance or an abnormal amount of a constituent is found in a body fluid sample taken at the time of a measurement or re-measurement (see Rules 35.13 and 50).

v. A measurement certificate is not returned to The Joint Measurement Board Limited on request.

Click here for a list of invalid measurements and certificates

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