The Joint Measurement Board Limited

The Joint Measurement Board was established in 1934 to run a national scheme for the measurement of the height of horses and ponies for the purpose of description and classification of such horses and ponies for competition.

The Joint Measurement Board is a company limited by guarantee.

For further information please email or telephone 01293 862101

Official Measurers can download forms by clicking here

Last updated: 10th October 2016


Pay for measurements by credit/debit card - click here

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The fee for measuring in 2016 is 85.00 of which 57.60 will be paid to the Official Measurer -see here for details

Click here for Results of re-measurements and invalid certificates

Privacy Policy:Information collected for the purpose of processing measurements is kept confidential and is not shared.

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The Joint Measurement Board Limited is a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England and Wales number 1600646

Address for all correspondence: PO Box 322, Horley, RH6 0WS

Registered Office: 82B High Street, Sawston, Cambs CB22 3HJ